VBS3 Expands Support for VR

Feb 21, 2017

Orlando, FL - Bohemia Interactive Simulations, a global developer of military training and simulation software, has released its latest version of Virtual Battlespace (VBS3). The new version, VBS3 v17.1, is now available for customers to download at BISim’s website, https://bisimulations.com/support/downloads

“With VBS3 v17.1, we focused on assembling a hardened, highly stable, and highly performative release,” said Pete Morrison, BISim’s Co-CEO. “We addressed over 240 customer-requested fixes and bugs in this release, helping to further immerse and engage personnel in their training.”  

Added VR Support for VBS3

With the latest release of VBS3, 17.1 now supports OSVR (Open-Source Virtual Reality), which supports VR devices from Razer and Sensics. In addition to OSVR, VBS3 17.1 continues to support VR devices including the Oculus Rift CV1, the Oculus Rift DK2, and the HTC Vive

VR military games laser simulation

Advanced Laser Range Finder

VBS3 v17.1 also introduces an advanced laser range finder capability to simulate divergence of the laser over distance. Properly configured vehicles and equipment can use a laser cone that can return multiple distance ranges if there are multiple echoes. This enables more realistic scenarios that require gunners to select the appropriate target from the return values. 

Universal Component System Enhancements

BISim has extended the Universal Component System (UCS) in VBS3 for weapon models to support barrel components. The UCS now provides support for multiple barrels with separate muzzle effects, sounds, firing directions, and animations. The system also now supports a variety of components such as silencers, attachment rails, and grip handles. 

The system now supports animations that enable the secondary hand of a unit to grip a specific component model using specific animation poses. BISim introduced the UCS in VBS3 v3.9, which breaks weapons into logical components like barrel, receiver, stock, rail, etc. Users can now customize weapons created with the system before the mission and during runtime.

New License Management

In 2017, BISim is introducing a new licensing management system. The new system from WIBU CodeMeter will provide customers with greater flexibility and help reduce overhead. 

BISim has already begun working with customers on the transition to WIBU Codemeter. VBS3 v17.1 currently support our Sentinel HASP as well as WIBU Codemeter. 

We will continue transitioning all customers to WIBU CodeMeter throughout the year in 2017. Contact your sales representative or program manager at BISim for more details about the timing of transitions to the new license management system. 

See the FAQ about WIBU here

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