VBS3 Fires FST

Your Complete Call-for-Fire and Close Air Support Solution

VBS3 Fires FST is an immersive Call-for-Fire and Close Air Support training simulation.


Immersive Forward Air Controller Training

VBS3 Fires FST, from SimCentric Technologies, combines the flexibility and stunning visuals of VBS3 with a highly sophisticated close air support simulation system, highly realistic forward observer and joint terminal attack controller workflow and configurable Call-for-Fire training tools. VBS3 Fires FST offers seamless integration with VBS3, working with any VBS3 terrain and allows FACs and JTACs to move freely through the virtual environment.

Keep Focused on Training

With VBS3 Fires FST, a sophisticated artificial intelligence engine pilots aircraft. This frees the instructor from concentrating on flying an aircraft and allows them to focus on training. Likewise, Call-for-Fire training configuration is flexible, allowing instructor-led training, or alternatively, desktop training where the sophisticated Call-for-Fire AI engine generate doctrinally realistic responses from the guns.

Designed by Experts

VBS3 Fires FST features a structured workflow developed with subject matter experts for a smooth progression through the phases of allocating aircraft on station, check-in procedures, game plans, nine-line/five-line briefs, talk-on, instructions during an attack, and bomb hit assessments.


VBS in Action | JTAC Simulator

VBS3 and VBS3Fires FST are used by Nautilus International Risk Consultants for its deployable JTAC simulator, which is accredited by the UK Joint Air Land Organization and Forward Air Controller Standards and Evaluations.

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A Wide Range of Weaponry

From 20mm cannon to Hellfire missiles to 2000 lb bombs, VBS3 Fires FST offers trainees a wide range of weaponry and configurable parameters for attack types, providing a rich variety of aircraft behavior.