Make Your Own Scenarios. Make Your Own Models. Build Your Battlespace.


Virtual Battlespace 3 functions as a flexible, open-platform simulation environment for developers to create an incredible range of possible training scenarios. It is designed first with military trainers in mind, but can be adapted for other commercial uses.

VBS3 comes equipped with a robust Developer Suite including tools for creating buildings, creating terrains from satellite imagery and other data sources, and converting models to the simulation environment.



The VBS Developer Network (VBSDN) allows third-party commercial entities to develop and sell third-party plug-in products and allows third parties to integrate VBS with other simulators. Purchasing a Developer Network license offers access to BISim’s developer forums and enables licensees to purchase VBS Fusion, an application programming interface designed for VBS3. VBS Developer Network licensees are eligible for all VBS3 upgrades during the license period and can acquire releases up to 5 weeks earlier than official releases.


3D Content Development


VBS3 comes equipped with Oxygen 2, our fully interactive 3D modeling software. With Oxygen 2, developers can edit UVs and textures as well as create new levels of detail as well as in-game functionalities such as collision geometry. As an open platform, VBS3 enables third party products to extend the simulation environment and functionality. With support for offline procedural generation of terrain, VBS3 allows developers to easily and quickly create terrain features from source data. VBS3 also supports on-the-fly  generation of biotopes (i.e., vegetation) as they are needed, rather than storing positions of billions of trees and rocks with other terrain data.


VBS has proved very good at training low-level commanders, small-level units and also to visualize various combat and interaction situations. VBS is a very flexible simulator and every type of unit can create their own scenarios based on their training needs. VBS will be an increasingly important training tool in our toolbox.
Major Mats Walldén

Terrain Development


VBS3 allows users to create geographically specific terrain integrated from a wide range of map sources.  Our larger terrains — now stretching for thousands of kilometers in size — allow scenario developers and trainers the ability to develop situations for training troops for larger maneuvers. VBS3 terrains also feature improved graphics for creeks, rivers and waterfalls, and water crossings can be simulated, including water currents.  TerraSim, a BISim company, is striving to ensure that TerraSim’s flagship product, TerraTools 5, can deliver high fidelity, massive terrains for VBS3, including destructible buildings and other terrain objects including bridges and tunnels.





A key advantage of VBS is its flexibility. Multiple servers can be linked to VBS3 via its HLA/DIS gateway. From version 3.7 and on, VBS3 includes VBS Gateway for HLA and DIS connectivity. VBS Gateway is the premier HLA/DIS gateway and will provide additional capabilities such as enabling VBS3 to function as a CIGI host. VBS Gateway brings live loading, user-friendly configuration capabilities, a real-time user interface, and performance enhancement as VBS3’s new gateway system.

Visit our Showcase to learn more about how governments and defense organizations have used VBS to develop new training content or integrated it as the virtual environment into other simulation systems.