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Sixteen (16) core modules from the Administrator Online Course (63 modules) are used to provide users with the most basic overview of VBS3 capabilities, focusing specifically on basic user skills such as controlling their avatar and utilizing wheeled, UGV, and UAV vehicles. Learn how to launch and set up VBS3 as well as receive an overview of the main menu for accessing the desired features. Upon completion of the Basic User Course, students will be ready to participate in training scenarios, fully in control of their character and nearby vehicles with the knowledge and skills gained.


Like our resident course, the VBS3 Administrator Online Course is the foundation course for all Bohemia Interactive Simulations-developed training. This course introduces students to VBS3 utilizing levels 1-4 Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) and caters to the inexperienced as well as those possessing minimal working knowledge of VBS3 and its capabilities. This course also covers the following topics: VBS3 capabilities, administrator functions, scenario design, and lesson design. Course participants will learn how to successfully host and manage a scenario in progress as the facilitator for training, how to build and modify scenarios quickly and efficiently from using existing scenarios as a foundation or creating them from scratch, how to choose the best scenarios for a given training event, and how to ensure that the audience receives, understands, and retains the knowledge and skills gained. A Spanish language version of the course also is available.


This course caters to those unfamiliar with scripting concepts and builds upon lessons learned in the Administrator Course. The VBS3 Scripting Language is easy to understand and master, allowing a user flexibility to add customized content and functionality to a scenario that extends beyond the capabilities of the Offline Mission Editor and Real Time Editor. Whether creating exclusively programmed scenarios or designing sequences of activities and actions based on real events, this course will equip participants with the keys to access and control the powerful VBS3 engine. Students will learn the very basics of developing scripts: variables, script commands, function calling, and more. Using available resources, students will explore different scripting commands, how they work, and how they have are used in common scripts.


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Once students have enrolled and started a course, they must complete it within 90 days from the first time logging into the course. Enrollees who fail to complete a course within the 90-day period will need to enroll in a new course at their own expense. Our online booking system only accepts payment by credit card. If you cannot pay with a credit card, please contact BISim’s Sales team to arrange for other payment methods. For large quantity or bundled course purchases, please contact Once customers have enrolled and have been provided an access code, no refund or cancellation will be issued.


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