Find Out What's New from BISim at ITEC 2018

Apr 30, 2018
BISim is showcasing the advanced development capabilities available for its military simulation software, VBS3 and VBS Blue IG, with a set of new software development kits this year at ITEC 2018. ITEC 2018 is Europe’s premier international forum for military simulation, training and education, and is being held in Stuttgart, Germany this year.

Visit BISim and partners at Stand D40. Contact to schedule meetings and product demos.

Demonstrations at Stand D40

At ITEC 2018, BISim and partners will showcase a range of new products, capabilities and training applications at stand D40. These include the following demonstrations:


State-of-the-Art Image Generation - VBS Blue IG, BISim’s powerful 3D whole earth image generation, has just been released! We’ll present the latest advances in our high-performance, whole-earth 3D image generation solution. Take to the skies on Brunner’s VR-Motion 200 motion platform using VBS Blue IG. Brunner’s VR-Motion 200 provides combines State-of-the-Art Virtual Reality technology with powerful dynamic motion enriched Virtual Training environments.

State-of-the-Art Image Generation

New Tools to Customize VBS3 and VBS Blue IG - BISim has just released VBS Simulation SDK to create custom applications for VBS3 and VBS IG SDK to customize and integration VBS Blue IG with third-party applications. See demos and attend one of two free tutorials being offered on May 16 by BISim and led by our Senior Director of Development on how to create plugins using VBS Simulation SDK. Register here to attend.

State-of-the-Art Image Generation

High-fidelity Gunnery and Crew Training - Check out a high-fidelity CV 9040 part task trainer using VBS3 that BISim delivered to the Swedish Armed Forces, providing virtual panels that can be manipulated through touchscreen devices. BISim painstakingly recreated the CV 9040 down to the last detail, giving gunners and commanders the capability to turn knobs, toggle dials and flip switches as they behave in the actual vehicle. The trainer is equipped with AFV Sim’s CV9040 gunner control handles.

State-of-the-Art Image Generation

Bleeding Edge VR/MR Tech - Come experience bleeding edge VR/MR technologies that BISim is adapting for military simulation and virtual training uses! VBS3 supports commercial -off-the-shelf VR devices including the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Open Source Virtual Reality-based devices. VBS Blue IG has been demonstrated for use with the Oculus Rift as well as augmented reality headsets for cockpit and crew simulation training.

State-of-the-Art Image Generation

Presentations and Events

Opening Plenary: What's shaping the future of training and education? 
Wednesday, May 16, 9:30, Theater 1
BISim Co-CEO Pete Morrison will participate in a panel discussion with Brigadier General Markus Kurczyk, Captain Erik “Rock” Etz - CO NAWCTSD, and Ms. Jeanine Matthews, BD VP, LM Training and Logistics Solutions.

VBS Simulation SDK Tutorial
Wednesday, May 16, 10:00-10:50 & 16:00-16:50, Room W2 
Join BISim’s Senior Director of Development Otakar Nieder for a overview of how to create plugins for VBS3 using VBS Simulation SDK. Register here.

Approaches to augmented reality visual systems
Wednesday, 11:30-12:00 , Theater 3
BISim’s Business Development Director John Burwell will give a presentation on ongoing research in augmented reality displays, video capture and streaming, and computer graphics technologies to produce a cost effective, augmented reality visual system for virtual training systems.

VBS User Group Briefing
Wednesday, May 16, 13:30-15:00, Room W2 
BISim invites military and industry to learn about the latest updates to the BISim product line and hear our plans for upcoming releases and other future tech. Register here.

State-of-the-Art Image Generation

Bringing cloud technology to earth: Lessons learned building a future-proof One World Terrain
Wednesday, May 16, 16:00-16:30, Theater 1
BISim’s Co-CEO Pete Morrison will discuss the company’s work developing a One World Terrain for the U.S. Army’s Synthetic Training Environment project and the technology that industry is bringing to bear to achieve its ambitious goal of moving all US Army simulation training into the Cloud.

Beers from Around the World
Wednesday, May 16, 1700 - 1930, at Stand D40
Join BISim staff and booth partners for a sampling of beers of the world.

State-of-the-Art Image Generation




At ITEC 2018, TerraSim will demonstrate TerraTools 5.6, the latest release of its industry-leading virtual terrain generation software. TerraTools 5.6 introduces a new plug-in capability for custom high-resolution insets in VBS Blue IG to enhance the base global dataset. VBS Blue IG and TerraTools with its VBS Blue Source plug-in offer a complete solution for advanced image generation.

3D models terrain enhancement

TerraSim Inc., a Bohemia Interactive Simulations Company, is a leading geospatial technology company that develops advanced software solutions to automate the manipulation of geospatial source data, the generation of 3D terrain databases, and the export of those environments to the widest range of visual, constructive, and serious game runtimes in the industry.

For more information about TerraSim or our products, visit us on the web at or email us at .

Booth Partners


SimCentric logo

SimCentric Technologies
SimCentric Technologies, a long-term technology partner of Bohemia Interactive Simulations, shall be demonstrating their latest evolution of high fidelity training applications augmenting the ubiquitous VBS engine. SimCentric shall demonstrate the latest features for our accredited VBS3Fires FST Pro flagship application including Dual Target Attack, modernized User Interface, and new platform models.

At ITEC 18, SimCentric is proud to announce the launch of our new, flexible, standards based (DIS/HLA/CIGI) SAFFIRES Call for Fire, Close Air Support and Remote Piloted Aircraft software integrated with VBS Blue IG.

SimCentric will also be showcasing our GUIMate application enabling custom GUI content and our TrainingMate “virtual classroom” enabling synchronized and highly efficient instructor enabled VBS3 training instances.


SimCentric Technologies will also be demonstrating our new SAF-Foresight application, recently delivered to, and under formal collaborative development with the Australian Defence Force. SAF-Foresight enables unprecedented synchronisation of LVC capabilities in major combined arms and joint exercise conduct, management, risk mitigation, and after-action review. Click here to schedule a demonstration of our technologies at ITEC.

Brunner motion platform 3D flight simulator


At ITEC 2018, Brunner will display its surprisingly different and innovative VR-Motion 200 Virtual Reality Flight Simulator.

Configured as an F/A-18 and utilizing VBS Blue IG and Flex-Air flight model as well as the unique VR-Motion 200 full motion platform with BRUNNER Control-Loading-Systems for Stick and Rudder, the VR-Motion 200 offers an impressive and deep flight experience and a multitude of training capabilities.

BRUNNER Elektronik AG offers an innovative portfolio of powerful Control Loading Systems and Simulation Components supporting training applications, which range from simple desktop trainers to flight navigation & procedure trainers, and finally reaches professional Full-Flight and Full-Mission Simulators.

Come and visit us at stand D40.

Brunner motion platform 3D flight simulator

AFV Sim logo


AFV Simulation
AFV Sim specializes in providing simulation training devices to assist developing and sustaining basic and advanced skill levels of the operators of armoured land vehicles and platforms. AFV Sim have developed a worldwide reputation for supplying high quality emulated training versions of the hardware equipment used in main battle tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and remote weapon stations. The product range includes control handles, instrument panels, sights and monitors for the gunners, commanders and drivers positions and can be used with simulation software as desktop trainers, or integrated into high-fidelity training systems.

At ITEC 2018, BISim will be demonstrating their CV9040 part-task trainer based on VBS3 and AFV Sim’s gunners control handles.

More information can be found at or contact .

AFV Sim cv9040 controller handles

Schenker laptops


Schenker Technologies creates the PC performance for individual demands - high-end laptops and desktops, equipped with the latest components and a maximum of flexibility for individual adjustments - all assembled in Germany. More information about the company can be found at .

Brunner motion platform 3D flight simulator

Contact Us
We would love to see you at ITEC. If you're going, please visit us at Stand D40, or email to arrange a meeting with us.

For media and press inquiries, please contact Hannah Goodwin, BLAST Media for Bohemia Interactive Simulations.

Brunner motion platform 3D flight simulator