Press Releases

The British Army has awarded a contract to BISim to demonstrate the art of the possible using virtual reality, machine learning and cloud computing for the Army’s Collective Training Transformation Programme (CTTP). The pilot has been made available through the Defence Innovation Fund, MOD investment into innovation.
BISim announced the release of the latest updates to VBS3, VBS Blue IG, VBS Simulation SDK and VBS IG SDK. Customers will need to download VBS License Manager v18.3 to download BISim products.
BISim announces the forthcoming release of updates to VBS Blue IG, expanding its capabilities to enhance the realism of joint fires and close air support training use cases. The updates also provide deeper integration between VBS Blue IG and VBS3, which can already serve as a simulation host for the whole-earth image generator. Along with the release VBS Blue IG, BISim also released another new set of powerful APIs for VBS IG SDK, including new APIs for creating custom sensors and integrating with VR input devices.
With a major hiring initiative underway worldwide, BISim announces that it has moved from its current Prague office in Smichov to the vibrant, up-and-coming Karlin district to accommodate its growing software development team.
BISim has appointed Defense Engineering S.A., a UTI company, as a VBS3 reseller for Romania. With over 28 years experience, the UTI group of companies brings together capabilities, system integration, consulting services, maintenance services and the team’s dedication to success.