Press Releases

Bohemia Interactive Simulations is launching the BISim Terrain Conference on July 15-16 to showcase the company’s latest modular, cloud-capable technology for creating, editing and managing geospatial source data for military simulation.
For customers to implement flexible and agile solutions for distributed virtual training, they may need to use Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies and work from non-military premises and even on non-military computers. Therefore, in addition to free licenses, we are also waiving the VBS3 and VBS4 End User License Agreement (EULA) restrictions on the use of non-military computers on non-military premises, and the use of remote desktop environments for the remainder of 2020*.
Varjo, the leader in industrial-grade VR/XR headsets, today announced the expansion of its value-added reseller network in the Asia-Pacific region with Bohemia Interactive Simulations, one of the global leaders in training and simulation solutions. As part of the commercial agreement, Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) will resell Varjo HMDs to its customers in Australia and New Zealand who are interested in the highest-fidelity virtual and mixed reality solutions for training and simulation.
For the Scottish and North Irish Yeomanry (SNIY), operating under COVID-19 restrictions has opened their eyes to the potential of distributed virtual training. The SNIY recently conducted their first distributed training exercise over the internet via VPN from their homes with soldiers joining from Northern Ireland, Scotland, London and Canada using the UK MOD’s Defence Virtual Simulation (DVS) system (which leverages the power of BISim’s VBS3).
ORLANDO, Fla. (USA) — Designed to replicate ITEC for Bohemia Interactive Simulations customers, the VBS Technology Conference is a 3-day series of presentations and live demonstrations highlighting the latest developments in VBS4, VBS Blue IG and our suite of developer tools. In these one-hour presentations, we’ll give live demos of our products and we’ll invite you to ask questions of our product experts.