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Bohemia Interactive Simulations works closely with third-party software and hardware developers to continue expanding the range of simulation possibilities in VBS3. We offer these products for sale in our Marketplace to customers who want to extend the capabilities of VBS.




TerraSim, a BISim company, is advancing the creation of larger and more complex terrains with its next iteration of its software TerraTools 5. TerraTools is a complete environment development system that uses cartographic source data to rapidly and automatically generate high-fidelity 3D environments for constructive, visual and serious games runtimes.

TerraSim's Batch Mode Manager is a plug-in for TerraTools that significantly simplifies and enhances the workflow for creating large area simulation environments. As a real-time graphical interface, Batch Mode Manager decreases the development time for simulation databases through its increased level of automation as well as its embedded troubleshooting tools.  


Call for Fire and Close Air Support


VBS works with SimCentric’s family of VBS-related products including VBS3Fires and VBS3Fires FST, which add realistic call for fire and close air support training capabilities to VBS3. VBS3Fires simulates exterior and terminal ballistics to high levels of detail enabling gun to target visualization of artillery orders in VBS. It supports a wide array of munitions, fuse types and firing platforms, allowing instructions to range from basic skills to decision making from individual to battalion level. 

VBS3Fires FST allows Forward Air Controllers or Joint Terminal Attack Controllers to move freely through the VBS virtual environment from the first-person perspective, while interacting with an instructor who is operating the VBS3Fires FST control panel. This control panel allows the instructor to control Fixed and Rotary Wing aircraft flying a variety of attack profiles.


Artificial Intelligence


For enhanced patterns of life in VBS, SimCentric offers Crowd Ambience. It offers VBS users AI characters with realistic behaviors and reactions to danger within the simulation environment. Contact sales for more information.